NEW YORK: Diary of Asha Pabla Day Four: Is there going to be any money left?

Dear Diary,
My husband’s firm, Galleon Group, is in deep  trouble. He doesn’t say this but I can see it in his eyes.  His people expect to be out of business before the end of the month. I read on a blog that he’s “toast” by the end of the week, that everybody will pull out their money by Friday.
Raj has been managing billions of dollars for years. It is how we pay for everything. What will happen when everybody pulls out their money? We have the apartment and the little place in Greenwich. But not much is liquid. Everything is tied up in the company. What do I do? I can’t afford to lose everything. What will I do after that? Move to Bangalore?
I don’t really care if I have to move to a mud hut in Sri Lanka really, so long as Raj is free and we can all be together. But is it too late for that? Is Raj toast? Are we all toast, me and the kids? Will I end up on welfare? Or will they toss me out of the country? They are saying my husband is a terrorist supporter. This is so false. My husband is a decent, kind man. He would never do this. I know this is not true. Not at all. Not my Raj. 
They set him up, someone did. Raj suspected somebody was trying to set him up months back. He said it but I told him it was nonsense. He was right. This guy was wearing a wire. He set up my husband. Now, everything Raj worked for is up in smoke. They accuse him of a “smorgasbord of insider trading activities” but what does that mean? My husband was a good man. He didn’t and wouldn’t do anything wrong knowingly. This is all a big mistake.
This is a big mistake. That will leave us penniless. What do I do? Can I save us? How? Obviously, I’m not leaving Raj. There will be no divorce. But how do I save us? How do I save the money?
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(Photo by Flickr is not an image of Asha Pabla wife of Raj Rajaratnam, or anyone affiliated with the Rajaratnam scandal. We use it for illustrative purposes only and in a fictitious sense. This journal is also a work of fiction.)