Divorce Diary of Supermodel Stephanie Seymour

Dear Diary,
I really am getting sick and tired of Peter and his sh@#. His latest degradation was forcing me to have my urine checked and telling the New York Post that it was “cold” meaning that it was not my urine and putting it out there that I’m taking drugs.
I have now been reduced to a public pissing machine by this moron. I can’t believe my lawyer didn’t put a stop to that. How can a court force this on a mother? A mother like me? I am a good mother. I am damn good mother and Peter and everybody knows this. He is fighting dirty. Very very dirty.
On top of that, he’s accusing me of stealing stuff from the house in Greenwich and the one in Florida too!Theft! My God! As if I need to steal anything of Peter’s, as if I didn’t have my own money before I met him. I was super model! A SUPER MODEL. Can he grasp the true gravity of that achievement? Do you know how many young girls strive and struggle their whole lives to make it in the modeling business? And never make it? And get old and washed up waitressing somewhere having idiots fawn all over them? I MADE IT. I was a supermodel before this creep came around and re-arranged my life, telling me he loved me and all the rest of his crap. And now what? Look at what I am reduced to? No amount of money is worth this, the way I feel right now. No amount.  And he wants to take the kids. He wants my kids on top of it all. That son of a b+++++ wants to take my children away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He knows this is the one thing. The one thing I could not deal with is him taking my kids. Peter knows this.  How could I ever have thought I loved this guy? I should have broken his trophy like he accused me of. I didn’t break it. A complete lie. But boy, I wish I had. That’s exactly what he deserves that billionaire creep