GREENWICH, CT:Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant fight over urine samples – ugly divorce updates 10/19/09

stephanieBeauty and the Publisher, Steph Seymour and her mogul husband Peter Brant, are pulling out all the liquid in their divorce action. The New York Post reported today that the two are fighting over urine samples – Stephanie’s urine sample to be exact and the temperature of it.
Seems Peter is asking for custody of the couple’s three minor children on account of all these irregularities with Stephanie’s urine samples. Stephanie was ordered to provide samples, but it seems that the samples have all been sub par; in that, they are too “cool”. What ever does that mean?
Says the Post:

A judge on Sept. 17 expanded testing for Seymour. But 10 days later, a screen of a urine sample she provided “did not test positive for Subutex . . . even though [she] ingests 24 mg daily,” Brant claimed in court papers.
On Oct. 3, when Seymour submitted another urine sample, the tester reported that the urine failed to register at the minimum valid temperature and also tested negative for Subutex, court filings claim. A test on another urine sample she gave the next day was also deemed “invalid” because it was too cool.

I’m almost afraid to ask, but what the hell is Subutex? and….what does that mean?! That the urine was “cool”? I mean, is he implying that she’s putting her urine in a cold place prior to complying with the tests such as a refrigerator or freezer? And if so, why? Does that make a test come back negative where it otherwise would come back positive? Is there something unique about the properties of cold urine and the drug indicias thereto? Is that a trick or something in the drug scene? Freeze the urine? I really am at a loss as to what Brant’s point is and why he thinks “cool” urine is a reason the judge should award him custody. What is his point?
But honestly, have they stooped low enough with this one? After 16 years of marriage and all that money, can’t they summon up a bit more of a high ground, a bit more class? Not even Countess Marie and George David stooped this low! Jeeze.
One more infraction by these two and I’m calling in Divorce Police.