JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA: Wife divorces husband for giving her the nickname "Guantanamo"

This one made me chuckle. Can you imagine this story? Wife finds out husband has nicknamed her “Guantanamo” after he accidentally leaves his cell phone at home – and she calls him for some reason and sees that her name shows up as “Guantanamo.” So she moves for divorce.
But then again, this is Saudi Arabia. Assuming this is a Sharia divorce, would she be granted a divorce under these circumstances? I can see if the husband moves for divorce on this basis, as Sharia (especially in Saudi Arabia) seems more partial to males. But as a woman, so what if he calls her Guantanamo?
But it’s hilarious because one then starts to wonder why he gave her such a name in the first place? Does he mean living with her is like living in one of the worse prisons? Or, is it because, as has been speculated, he sees her as “tyrannical?”
Either way, she, it is claimed, wants out of the 17 year marriage because she can’t be with someone who thinks of her that way….can you blame her?