NEW YORK: ESPN analyst Steve Phillips gets hit with divorce petition after 22 year old mistress sends bitchy letter to wife

letterESPN analyst Steve Phillips is scared for his life and the safety of his family according to published reports. And why? Because his 22 year old mistress, Brooke Hundley, is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore. In spite of her recent shenanigans, like contacting his teenaged son on facebook, Steve has declined to press charges against his paramour. 
Appears that Steve was to confess to his 40 year old wife that he’d met a 22 year old woman who made him feel “better than he had ever felt.” (That woman was obviously Brooke) But Steve was dragging his feet getting the job done, so the 22 year old decided to take matters into her own hands and preemptively inform the wife that her husband was slightly bored in the relationship and was much happier with her (Brooke).
So what does Brooke do to hurry things along? She sends the wife this letter:
In it she says a number of interesting tid bits, including the following:

Steve has a big birthmark on his crotch right above his penis and one on his left inner thigh so you know I’m not being fake.

Make a long story short, now the police are involved, the wife has filed for divorce, and the mistress is in hiding, and Steve is suspended from his job at ESPN.
Steve has four sons with his wife, and according to the New York Post, just two months ago, he deeded the family’s multi-million dollar five bedroom house to his wife. For sure, the wife will be asking for sole custody, among other perks.
Coming soon: Diary of Brooke Hundley and Diary of Marni Phillips!
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