NEW YORK: YOUTUBE sensation Tricia Walsh Smith dissed by NY Appellate Division

youtubeShe tried to humiliate her husband on YOUTUBE and the New York Appellate Division was not amused. They have dubbed Tricia Walsh Smith as having treated her husband “cruelly and inhumanely,” and they agree with New York Supreme on that issue. As a result, they have shot down Tricia’s request to undo her divorce from Broadway producer Philip Smith and have upheld the prenuptial agreement which gives her a paltry $750,000. Ms. Walsh Smith’s attorney Joe McCaffery told reporters that they are weighing whether they will take this to the State’s highest court, the Court of Appeals.
I can pretty much advice them not to waste anymore time and anymore of Tricia’s $750,000 alimony award. She’s not going to win this so pack it up and call it a day guys. Game over. Oh, by the way, we included Tricia on our 2008 “It” List of divorcees. Check out the post here:
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