NEW YORK: Should you divorce your parents?

The New York Times had an article up today called, When Parents Are Too Toxic to Tolerate  By RICHARD A. FRIEDMAN, M.D. Published: October 19, 2009.

It is a provocative question which I thought I’d bring up on Divorce Saloon just for kicks. Should one ever divorce one’s parent? Wow. Well, I have learned at my advanced age, never say never. I could never say, “one ought never to divorce one’s parent” because who knows what individuals are enduring all in the name of parent/child or child/parent relationships? It goes both ways, btw, this question. Because I am certain there are times that parents ought to “divorce” their kids. Big time. I mean, some kids are just absolute, total nightmares….I wonder if it is harder for parents to “divorce” their kids than for kids to “divorce” their parents? I think it would be harder for the parent than the kid. What do you think?
In his article, Mr. Friedman discusses a patient whose mother had told her on her birthday, “I hope you get a disease.”  Obviously, that’s crazy. That is a crazy mother, a totally sick puppy who needs help. I couldn’t with a straight face justify this kind of statement if put in a position of playing peace-maker for this duo (a task I often adopt involuntarily for some weird reason).
I don’t have any answers to this question, though. I just threw it up because it was an interesting one, I thought. Feel free to start a converstion about it on this blog, or go here to read the article for yourself:
Hopefully, you are not in this type of situation.
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