The 10 Weirdest divorce stories on Divorce Saloon to date

Ten weird divorce cases
10. An Australian story that unfolded October, 2009. Husband receives pet goat as part of divorce settlement. And he lives in urban Sydney Australia! You can find it here:
9. Saudi wife divorces husband for nicknaming her “Guantanamo” on his cell phone. You can find it here:
8. Muslim man behead wife in Buffalo New York after she asked him for a divorce. You can find it here:
7. Long Island doctor asks for his Kidney back from his wife. You can find it here:
6. Indiana husband hit with divorce petition tries to fake death by jumping out of flying airplane. Find it here;
5. Nigerian man with 86 wives jailed for refusing to divorce 82 of his wives. Find the story here:
4. Taiwanese woman moves for divorce because her husband’s penis is too long.
3. Berlin wife dumps hubby for cleaning too much.
2. 107 year old woman seeks divorce.
1. Polish man finds wife working in a brothel he was patronizing.