COLORADO: Richard Heene's idiocy could cost him his kids

kidsBalloon Boy. When dads do idiotic things like perpetrate a hoax on the country and law enforcement and pretend that their 6 year old is trapped in an airborne balloon, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to them that they could lose custody of their kids to Child Welfare Services and even go to prison.
Richard Heene was a threefold idiot. He was an idiot for coming up with this plot in the first place and thinking he could get famous for doing so. He is now infamous, sure. But this is not the fame he was seeking and the biggest fool could have told him that this was not the way to go about it. Isn’t this guy a professor or something? Please tell me he doesn’t have a Phd.
Heene was also an idiot for involving Robert Thomas in his scheme and most of all for sending emails back and forth with this guy that document the hoax in written form. Now, Thomas has sold his story and emails to and now everybody can see what total idiot Richard Heene was. Not for nothing, but if one is going to pull a scam like that, please don’t send emails about it and don’t involve third parties? Please, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Ever. Especially when you are perpetrating hoaxes on law enforcement. Idiot.
And the last and most important way Heene’s an idiot, is the fact of his having invoved his kids in this stoopid stunt. And the star player was 6 years old? Is this guy an idiot? How do you put your entire illegal conduct into the hands of your six year old and then put him on talk shows to cover your arse? Idiot!!! Everybody knows that kids are totally unpredicatable and this guy must be pretty dense or desperate to have done this to himself. Now he’s facing years in prison, huge fines, loss of parental custody and a perp walk in front of his confused, devastated and impressionable kids.
What an idiot.
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