Diary of Asha Pabla DAY SIX: My good husband gave away millions!

Dear Diary
They speak of my husband (Raj Rajaratnam) as if he is a crook and some even suggest I should divorce him because of that. What rubbish. They say he made illegal profits of $20 million. How ridiculous. My husband was an aggressive researcher. That is all. Besides, how much money has he given away? Much more than what they claim he made. We gave money to so many people all over the world, in Sri Lanka, Harlem, everywhere. Raj has helped tsunami victims, AIDS victims, everybody. He gave away much much more than twenty million dollars so it’s so ridiculous. ridiculous!
On top of that, the main witness they have against my husband is some woman named Roomy Khan who was arrested herself for insider trading. I just read that in the NY Times this morning. This woman who was sued by her own housekeeper for violating labor laws and paying her only $250 per week for 80 hour days cleaning her house, she is the one who has accused my husband! She is the informant. How can anyone believe her over my generous law abiding husband?
Roomy came to my husband trying to get her job back like 10 years ago and he didn’t hire her back to the firm. I don’t want to even waste time and space going into it, but he didn’t hire her back and I know why. I know why. And Roomy knows why too. And now she claims she fed my husband all this information about Google and stuff.
My husband had his own research team that could figure out if Google was a good buy or not. He didn’t need Roomy for that! My husband is smart. He’s a very smart man.  
My husband is a good man. A generous man. I believe in him. I will never leave his side. I will never leave my husband. I am standing by him. I love him so much. It breaks my heart to see what has happened to him; I hope this situation doesn’t kill my dearest Raj from grief and stress.
I am crying as I write this. I can’t believe anybody would ever think I would leave my husband, that I would divorce him. He’s my life!
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(Photo by Flickr is not an image of Asha Pabla wife of Raj Rajaratnam, or anyone affiliated with the Rajaratnam scandal. We use it for illustrative purposes only and in a fictitious sense. This journal is also a work of fiction.)