Diary of Brooke Hundley, ESPN's Steve Phillips' lover

Dear Diary,
Well, what can I say? He asked for it and I gave it to him. And so now they are getting divorced. What do you want me to do? He can’t be with the two of us. Maybe he shouldn’t be with either of us. I love him and I care deeply about his happiness. But I told him to tell his wife about us and did he listen? Did he listen? No he didn’t. So what was I supposed to do? What? He thought he would get away with using me and then dumping me like a fat tub of lard? Think again, darling. Think again. And I don’t care. They are calling me Glenn Close and everybody thinks I have this fatal attraction for him. So what? I know who I am. I am not Glen Close and I am not fatally attracted to the turd, but you know what? You know what? That wasn’t right. He used me and that wasn’t right. I may be 22 but I am not stupid. Don’t try to make me stupid. Don’t try to use me and dump me. Cause I’m smart. I am very, very, very smart.
And you know what? I don’t care. His wife deserved the truth. The truth according to Brooke Hundley. Are you kidding me? Cause I’m not lying. He did have a birthmark above his crotch. So what? Everybody has a crotch. They are making it out as if a crotch is an expletive or something. It’s a crotch folks. A crotch. Everybody’s got a crotch. I have a crotch. Steve’s got a crotch. Marni’s got a crotch. We all have a crotch. So what? And I only mentioned his crotch so Marni would know that I’ve seen his crotch without his pants on.
So what????
Besides. The New York Post is trying to make me sound like some fat, ugly frump. I got news for you, New York Post. I am much prettier than Camila Parker Bowles, okay? And look what she bagged?
Ok. I done with crying over this. I don’t care. I don’t! It’s not like I’m going to lose my job or anything cause those sons of beyatches know that I’ll bring them up on sexual harassment lawsuit so fast their heads will spin! Cause they know he has a pattern of this behavior and I can prove it. I can prove it. So they better not even think of trying to fire me. They better not.
Oh god. I am so humiliated! I don’t care. I don’t! I loved that turd. I did. But he did me wrong. He tried to play me, play with my feelings. That wasn’t cool, Steve. And you know what? I will not be played. Nobody plays Brooke Hundley. Nobody. Even if I may be totally in love with you.
(This diary entry is fictitious and meant to lampoon a current event story/news-worthy character. No part of this blog entry should be construed as the actual journal/diary of Brooke Hundley.)
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