Diary of Marni Phillips, ESPN's Steve Phillips' wife

hmph, hmph, hmph, hmph (sobs) Tissues. Blowing of her nose…..
Dear Diary,
I can’t stop crying. But it’s not self-pity. I don’t feel I need to pity myself. I know who I am. I am still young. I am beautiful. I have four beautiful children. A great mansion on a hill. Great friends and family. I have a lot. I am blessed. So I am not pitiful or pitiable. So that is not why I”m crying.
I just have this profound sense of loss, that’s all. I feel bereft. And angry. Very angry at my husband for destroying our family like this. And for what? A woman who would come to my home like a psychopath and leave me letters about his crotch? And stalk our son? On the Internet?
Was I so lacking as a wife, that he had to do this to me? I did everything I could to make him happy. I really did. I took him back after his other affairs. I took him to church. I took him to therapy. I forgave all the past transgressions. I worked out. What more could I have done for this man? To prove my love and my devotion and my commitment?.
hmph….hmph…..hmph….hmph……..(sobs) Tissues. Blowing of her nose……….
He brings Glen Close on my doorsteps, to harm me and our children. That’s what he does. This son of a bitch. He brings me a psycho woman speeding across my lawn and breaking my stuff. Leaving me letters about all the intimate details of our life that nobody should know. He tells her intimate things about our lives. Why did she need to know he had a vasectomy? Why is that anybody’s business? Only him and I need to know that….what does that mean, though? He had unprotected sex with this woman? I don’t understand why that conversation had to come up.
I am livid. I am really angry at this person. Look at the circus he got us into? Reporters following me around. Newspaper articles and blogs talking about our personal, intimate lives? And for what? She’s no Angelina Jolie. Not for nothing, but she’s got nothing on me. I may be 40 and she may be 22 but she’s got nothing on me. I still got it at forty. She’s 22 and look at her. By the time she gets to be my age what will she look like? She won’t look as good as me.
He wants to make up and work on this marriage? Too late! It’s over. I am not taking him back, hell no way!!!!! Go. You did this one too many times and I’m over you, asshole. I am going to find a man who can love and appreciate me in a way you never could on your best day. It just makes me feel so sad this whole situation. I feel so bad and so sad and so angry.
hmph….hmph…..hmph….hmph……..(sobs) Tissues. Blowing of her nose
(This is a fictitious journal/diary of Marni Phillips intended to lampoon a news-worthy event. Nothing in this blog post should be construed as the actual journal of  this individual.)
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