MUMBAI:Where's the beef? Indian bride sues for divorce from American hubby who forces her to eat….beef

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Where IS the beef? A few days back, that was exactly the question as, according to a Times of India report, an Indian woman fled back to India from California, complaining to the Bombay High Court that her U.S. based hubby was forcing her to eat it. Beef that is. He was forcing her to cook it AND to eat it.

[Ghatkopar resident], Naina, 32, married California resident Ritesh Karnik (36) in June 2002 in “Nashik according to Hindu Vedic rites and moved to the US with him.

The wife was soon fetlock deep in troubles. Her Americanized husband pretty much seemed to have lost his mind actually. Here are some of the issues according to Times of India:

The aggrieved wife claimed that after reaching the US, [her husband] insisted on her discarding her traditional lifestyle for the American one. He made her cut her hair and eat beef and pork, even asking her to cook meat on days when she was fasting, “showing no respect for Gods and Hindu deities“. When she refused, he would deny her moneyto buy Indian food, and she had to survive on bread and jam. Her other grievances: on a trip to Hawaii, Ritesh forced her to wear “short and vulgar dresses”, “mix with boys and girls in parties” and later uploaded her photographs on websites. 

I guess India is a “fault” jurisdiction? According to the India Times article, the husband’s lawyers contested the divorce on the basis that there were no grounds – certainly that he had not been “cruel” to her merely by asking her to don a few short skirts and cook some beef. What, in effect, was the big deal with that, they seemed to ponder? But the judges hearing the case found the husband’s lawyers’ arguments unpersuasive and found that indeed, he had been cruel to his wife by expecting her to discard her own cultural inhibitions and adopt a more lax lifestyle that, gasp, included eating beef and pork.
Interestingly, the wife seems to have eschewed alimony from her affluent spouse telling the judges “I do not want anything from my husband. I just want a divorce.”
The judgment was for the wife in this case. The Bombay court decreed that “A man forcing his traditional Indian wife to consume beef, pork and alcohol, forcing her to pose in skimpy clothes and uploading such

photographs on a website amounts to cruelty.”

Here is the full article in Times of India:
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