ROME: Pretty girls wrecked billionaire Silvio Berlusconi's marriage; will 100,000 Italian housewives destroy his career?

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The has an interesting article about Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi today. The Italian minister, as everyone knows by now, has been in the dog house with his wife since last Spring on account of an alleged inappropriate relationship with that woman, Noemi Letizia. He claims he did not lie and he did not have sex with that woman. But Veronica Lario, his wife was not buying it and she threatened divorce. She’s no Hillary Clinton, darling!
Since the divorce threat was made official, things have absolutely gone downhill for Mr. Berlusconi, in spite of his continued high ratings as a prime minister. For one thing, he’s been sued by a bunch of people and some of the charges are pretty serious. His daughter Marina has had to come to his defense many times.
Berlusconi’s machismo is well known in Italy and around the world. Some might argue it’s been part of his charm, actually, this weakness he seems to have for young, pretty females, and this sense that he thinks that as a man, it’s his job to, uh, partake of which ever ones he desires in whatever way he wishes. Says the Guardian:

They were a dig at the 73-year-old media mogul’s weakness for publicly flirting with attractive women and his alleged history of promoting women based largely on their youth and good looks, including a former glamour model, Mara Carfagna, who is now his equal opportunities minister. More here:

But it seems Berlusconi has FINALLY messed with the wrong woman. She is the indomitable Rosy Bindi, a ” bespectacled opposition MP” whom Berlusconi allegedly described as “‘prettier than she is intelligent’ – implying that she was neither.” (Telegraph)
Well, that statement right there seems to have pushed feminist Italian women too far. It’s one thing for Mr. Berlusconi to push his wife to file for divorce on account of his roving eye and his cavorting and overall nonchalance for the level of discretion any public figure on an international stage owes his constituents. But it’s a another thing to imply that Rosy Bindi is not pretty.
Man! According the the report in the Guardian linked to above, 100,000 Italian women have come to Rosy’s defense (and I guess, by association, to his wife Veronica Lario’s defense):

Mr Berlusconi’s remark provoked indignation and anger from many ordinary Italians, who said they objected to him muddying a political debate with insults about an opponent’s appearance.
Thousands of women have pledged their support to an online petition on the website of the Left-leaning La Repubblica newspaper, with many posting photographs of themselves and messages saying they are offended by the prime minister. (Guardian)

Apparently, when Veronica complained to her husband that he was embarrassing her and himself by hiring all these pretty Italian princesses to be members of his government, the prime minister is said to have retorted “what’s wrong with being pretty? They can’t all be Rosy Bindis.”
My my my. Has the billionaire Berlusconi outdone himself with this one? Will Rosy Bindi be the end of not only his marriage with his wife Veronica but also his marriage with the Italian people as well? Stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.
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