SILICON VALLEY: Roomy Khan's rock solid marriage to Sakhawat Khan will never be annulled

Call Roomy Khan whatever you want:
Judas Iscariot.
Insider Trader.
Housekeeper abuser.
But one thing you can’t call her is a divorcee.
Roomy is married to Sakhawat Khan and chances are pretty good that this marriage will last till death do them part. The two are no strangers to controversy and lawsuits. They have settled two major suits recently. One with Deutsche  Bank and another with their housekeeper. Both times they settled for six figure sums. This time, Roomy is charged with insider trading. She is hoping to get a reduced sentence by naming Galleon hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratman as an insider trader in an SEC probe Рdubbed the biggest insider trading case against a hedge fund in the history of when.