CONNECTICUT: Steve Phillips divorce updates: Brooke Hundley used CRAIGSLIST to harass Marni Phillips, by guest

The New York Post revealed this afternoon, the Steve Phillips’ consort Brooke Hundley hired a waitress on Craigslist and gave her talking points for a phone call the waitress would be paid $50 if she called Phillips’ wife Marni and squealed on the philandering Steve.
Connecticut waitress Courtney Arp provided the email to the press today. You can read the emails here:
Brooke, for her part, provided the following motivation to Courtney per the Post’s article:

“The big thing on this is to act like you’re having a hard time telling her this and you feel just absolutely awful I really need her to see that this isn’t some prank, but an actual woman who’s seen it all. In all honestly he’s a disgusting bastard who’s already come clean about a series of affairs he had and she took him back once, I just need her to finally see he hasn’t changed, he’s just gotten better at cheating.”

This is what happens when  a woman allows herself to be drawn into the web of a cheating husband. Notice how the onus is slowly but surely moving away from Steve Phillips? He is not the malfeasor here. By the time this is over, this whole thing will be Brooke Hundley’s fault. And I am going on the record to say, I don’t buy into that sexist crap at all. Brooke was an out of control, jealous, deranged woman who stupidly got caught in the snare of a married man who was playing her and she lost her mind. True.
But Steve Phillips? The MAN in this scenario? He will escape unscathed (except he may lose his wife), and will just be a boy being a boy at the end of the day. Nobody will blame him for any of this, marriage vows or no marriage vows. To my way of thinking, there is something foul – very foul – about that. 
And Marni? She’s St. Peter’s mother who could do no wrong. She’s beautiful, perfect and blameless for any of this. I’m just saying.
Never mind that before Brooke came along for her 3 month summer fling, that marriage had already lept over the cliff. No. This marriage, and this divorce is going to be 100% on Brooke Hundley.
That’s the price, girls, of letting yourselves be played by married casanovas.