Diary of Asha Pabla Day eight: my husband had nothing to do with Tamil Tigers

ASHAWhen I think of my husband locked up in a prison and us having to make love in a jail cell, I get sick. I cannot imagine such degradation. My husband is Raj Rajaratnam and he’s been accused by the US government of insider trading. And even terrorism. Both of these have long jail sentences. Will we have to make love in jails all of those years? Not that it matters so much to me. Raj is diabetic. But it is one of the many things that I think about that makes me feel sick deep in my soul. It would be a worse offense to us both than getting a divorce.
Everything is tumbling down really fast around us. Earlier in the week my husband thought he’d be able to hold on to the Asia funds but now he’s sold off a huge chunck of it already. There was no other choice. He has to liquidate the funds. All those years of hard work, up in smoke, poof! Just like that.
Nothing hurts my husband more than linking him to Tamil Tigers. Not even the insider trading accusations hurt us as much. We are good people. My husband it a good man. A generous philanthropist. To accuse him of funding Tamil Tigers and being a terrorist? This is the worse offence of all. It would be laughable (such as the rumor that I was going to divorce my Raj) if it didn’t have such dangerous consequences.
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