LONDON: Entrepreneur Mark Campbell suspect in wife Olga Pleguezuelos’ death – she had asked for divorce recently

Harrow on the Hill Sunset
Harrow on the Hill Sunset

Olga Pleguezuelos was a Spanish rose according to many who knew her. She was a “breath of fresh air” according to others; she was very close to her family and loved her husband Mark Campbell, a 53 year old £ 300 million businessman, quite a bit.
Olga was also a businesswoman and very successful in her own right. She worked for Aristocrat Technologies, Europe here in London, and the company was partnering with Mr. Campbell’s company to Gran Scala in a joint venture  to build and run a casino complex in the desert between Madrid and Spain. Olga was to become the director of the company in Las Vegas next year and to assist Aristocrat and Gran Scala with getting U.S. partners and investors for the project. 
But there were marital problems and she reportedly had recently asked Mark for a divorce. Mark, according to sources close to the couple was very much “in love” with Olga and did not want to get a divorce from her.
Olga was found dead in her posh London apartment she shared with her husband in Harrow-on-the-Hill on Monday. Her husband is the main suspect in her death. It is believed that Olga has been suffering domestic violence at his hands for some time. She joins a disturbingly long list of British wives who have been injured or killed at the hands of their husbands in recent months.
According to reports, Pleguezuelos has asked Mark for a divorce recently but they were on the mend when the tragedy happened. He was found in the apartment with multiple stab wounds and was arrested under suspicion that he was the murderer.

Stay tuned as this story is far from over especially, if, according to the Times, the following is true:

She said her sister met Mr Campbell in Spain several years ago and they married in a private ceremony last year without inviting any family.
“Mark was very well travelled, sociable and entertaining and our family really liked him,” added the sister. “My sister had indicated the marriage wasn’t going as well as it had at the beginning.
“There’d be phone calls where she sounded very sad and depressed.”

Reporting by Georgina Cavendish, United Kingdom
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