SOUTH AFRICA: Convicted child murderer Van der Westhuizen's wife wants a divorce

He shot his three children to death, and now, former Cape Town Policeman, Marius Van der Westhuizen, who has been sentenced to 24 years in prison and his wife Charlotte Van der Westhuizen wants a divorce.
The case against Mr. Van der Westhuizen has been going on since 2006 with Mr. Van der Westhuizen finally admitting in court that he did in fact murder the children.

Van der Westhuizen, a former commander at the Claremont police station, shot dead his three children – Marius, 8, and Antoinette, 21 months, from his marriage to Charlotte Van der Westhuizen, and his handicapped daughter, Bianca, 16, from a previous marriage, on the night of July 28 2006.

This case highlights the global issue of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. No country is immune; nor are any socio economic group, race, or education level excluded from this troubling epidemic. Indeed, all human beings are affected by this very serious and very deadly problem – even as far away as in South Africa.
Charlotte Van der Westhuizen now wants to divorce her murderous husband. Read here for more. And here. She waited this long (nearly 4 years) to file the divorce papers because, according to her lawyers, she wanted to wait till the trial was completed and his conviction for murder assured before pressing ahead with the divorce.
Reporting by Vanessa Sophie Lund-Roche, South Africa
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