CARIBBEAN: How to get a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republic

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CARIBBEAN: How to get a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republic: Well, I would say you first have to contact a Dominican Lawyer and a lawyer in your state to make sure that you understand all your duties in order to make this divorce legal.
New York will give full faith and credit to lawful divorces in a foreign jurisdiction. But for the divorce to be recognized it will have to be notarized by a U.S. consulate in the Dominican Republic.  I am assuming that you live in the U.S.? And where does your husband live?  If neither of you reside in, or is a resident of the Dominican Republic, you are going to have to make a personal appearance there. If both of you cannot appear, then one of you must appear and the other must give the one who appears power of attorney.  If you have kids, you are going to need original birth certificates. Oh, and you need a separation agreement that is signed and acknowledged by your spouse that details the property agreement, custody, and so forth. 
There are probably a few other requirements which you can easily determine by searching online for “how to get a divorce in the Dominican Republic.”
But, while I have not personally known anyone who was seeking a divorce in this forum, I have heard that many of these divorces are not recognized in New York for one reason or another.
So you may want to think twice about this. What is wrong with just waiting 8 weeks for an uncontested divorce in New York and having an attorney draft a stipulation of settlement? It is so much safer than going the Dominican Republic route, and it takes about the same time. Even though you are adjudicated divorced in a matter of days in the Dominican Republic, you have to wait weeks for the papers.  So you might as well do it here in the U.S. where you know it is likely to be valid – especially if you get an inquest and the judge puts you through the “questioning.”
If you have immigration issues, it is even more important that you make sure your divorce is valid before getting re-married in the U.S., if you also need to get a greencard through your American spouse.
Originally published December 11, 2008