SAUDI ARABIA:divorced father of four arrested for discussing his premarital sexual encounters on LBC's "In Bold Red" program – female journalist sentenced to 60 lashes as a result

saudiDIVORCED FATHER JAILED; REPORTER SENTENCED TO LASHES IN JEDDAH SAUDI ARABIA: With all due respect, King Abdullah needs to step up and do something about these nonsensical stories coming out of Saudi Arabia. The latest is that a divorced father of four was sentenced to jail because he clearly thought he was doing Dr. Phil and he went on a TV show to discuss his premarital sexual exploits on the In Bold Red TV show – which is supposed to be sort of Westernized, if you know what I mean. The divorced dad was sentenced to 1000 lashes and will have to spend 5 years in prison for his revelations. That is weird enough.
But the 22 year old journalist involved in the story actually, she was not involved in the story, but somehow her name was called and she was also sentenced to 60 lashes by the Saudi Court according to Reuters:

A female journalist sentenced to 60 lashes in a case brought after a Lebanese television channel she worked for aired the sex confession of a Saudi man, the reporter and a lawyer said.
Rosana, 22, who did not want her full name disclosed, said a court in Jeddah convicted her on Saturday on grounds that the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) she worked for did not have proper authorization to operate in the Islamic kingdom

Now, honestly, what kind of nonsense is that? Are these people fairly well educated? I don’t mean to insult, but this seems….illiterate. I mean, I agree that people should not be going on TV to talk about these things just out of a sense of decency. But honestly, what is this jailing a reporter for someone else’s lack of decorum? And sentencing her to lashes? What kind of reasoning is used by these clerics to do that to this woman? And what is this lashes bullshit really? What’s wrong with these people?  With all due respect?
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