CALIFORNIA: A ban on divorce? Will divorce prohibition lead to….gay marriage?

There’s some proposition now in California that divorce should be banned. Have you heard? I guess they read this post which we put up back in May. Did you read it? No? Then read it now!
I was just wondering what would be some of the consequences of making divorce illegal? One might be that gay marriage might have a stronger footing. Because one of the concerns with gay marriage seems to be that these relationships lack “stability.” So I figure, one way to combat this is to illegalize divorce. It’s called DIVORCE PROHIBITION. Once you’re married that’s it–gay or straight–you’re in this institution for life! How you like them apples, pilgrim?
For one thing, I think a prohibition on divorce  will reduce the divorce rate to lower than most Eastern countries like India and Pakistan. Wink Wink. Prohibition will also force people to take their vows more seriously. And they will think about it a lot more carefully if they know they can’t get out once they get married. Many will do what they should have done in the first place: don’t get married. Cause there are many people who, forgive me for saying this, but just like you have parental unfitness? You have nuptial unfitness. Some people should not get married. And certainly not to the person(s) they marry.
Once there is a divorce prohibition, then I’m figuring that adultery, which is a crime in New York, would be more widespread. But the way around that, is to enforce the medieval Islamic-type laws that are on the books right now, here in New York such as Penal Law 255.17 that criminalizes adultery. Crack down on these married perps who break their vows; these predators who prey on lonely single people.  That will lend greater stability to marriage yet. And gay marriages too…I mean, the threat of prison will deter a lot of this crap.
Now, lets see…. what happened during prohibition again? People still got the alcohol, didn’t they? Rats. ….A whole black market was created. So if divorce prohibition was adopted, I am sure that people could still get their divorce. Oh, I know! They would just have to go to the Dominican Republic!
Yea, but then, the state could refuse to give it full faith and credit and so once they come back home, that judgment of divorce is not worth the paper it’s printed on….Take that!
where am I going with this?…..dunno….cause obviously divorce prohibition will lead to no jobs for divorce attorneys and as bad as things are now? What the heck will we do? We all will have to turn blogging into a career, or take up bankruptcy as both a practice and a craft…or something…but we’d have to take down the divorce shingle if they outlawed this thing. Or move to the Dominican Republic….how’s your Spanish, by the way?

Originally published May 28, 2009