MAINE: Why is the divorce rate in Maine so high? Is it an under-educated populous?

It may be a tony playground for the rich and famous but apparently, the state of Maine is also known for having one of the highest rates of divorce in the country. And it’s not even in the Bible Belt!  Well, actually, Maine is second only to Nevada as far as their rate of divorced people. And many experts are weighing in on possible causes for this phenomenon. Many reasons are proffered, including the fact that Maine is one of the most secular states in the country and also one of the most liberal so that there is no taboo in getting divorced. Another seems to be that quite a bit of the population in Maine is evidently “working class” and so their money woes tend to take a toll on the marriage. But Brad Wilcox, who is with the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, was interviewed for an article which you can read here by the Maine Public Broadcasting Network and he seems to think the reason could be attributed to a lack of higher education in many Mainers. Which is interesting, when you get right down to it.
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