COLORADO: Richard Heene v. Jon Gosselin: who gets the best dad of the year award?

Poor Richard and Jon. They are being unfairly maligned by a bunch of judgmental holier than thous who would do the same or worse than either of these guys have done, given the same set of circumstances. But we think one of these guys deserve the best dad of the year award.
Let’s start with Richard Heene: What is so wrong with wanting to be a reality TV star? Isn’t that what everybody in America, from the Jacksons to Jennifer Lopez, to Britney Spears and Tori Spelling want? Reality TV is as American as capitalism, and the bigger the spectacle, the more ratings it gets. If Richard Heene had been successful at pulling off the hoax, his kids would have been set for life, and he could have paid handsomely for the finest clothes, toys, and later, universities for them, from the proceeds of the reality show deal he so badly craved – in which case he would have been an excellent dad, right?
Jon Gosselin: this guy is an idiot. Sorry to call him names. But he is acting like a fool because he is cutting off his nose to spite his face. He had it made with the college expenses thingy for 8 kids. It’s called a lucrative reality TV show contract with TLC. What does he do? He fails to secure his marriage, forces his wife to file for divorce, and now, has put an injunction on the kids continuing to participate in the show that will literally pay their way through life till they croak at the ripe old age of 80. And he does this because he wants to punish his wife Kate for getting him tossed from the show on account of the fact that he acted like a womanizing neanderthal in front of the entire world. So the grand denouement of his childish rant, is that he will render his kids impoverished (he certainly will not be able to provide for their care) and they will probably find themselves on the welfare rolls. Plus, he took over $200K that should have gone to their care. How selfish!
Our award for BEST dad has to go to Richard Heene for this simple reason that he was only trying to get a better life for his kids; HE TOOK A BIG RISK, OF COURSE AND IT DIDN’T PAY OFF. But you can’t blame a guy living in America in the reality TV show era, for trying to get a reality show to support his kids. Only apple pie would be more American in this day and age.
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