Can divorce affect the stock market?

stock market crash

Can divorce affect the stock market? Hme. I doubt it. I would think that major world events and calamities are what affects the stock market and not personal tragedies like divorce. Although, I am sure if someone were to do an empirical study, it may be discovered that in fact, rising divorce rates around the globe do have some sort of impact, however marginal, on the volatility or stability of world markets.

I think, though, a more logical statement might be that the stock market can affect the divorce rates at any given time. When things are bullish, life is good and people would probably be less inclined to think about getting divorced. After all, money woes is one of the main drains on a marriage. When things are bearish, and that Dow is falling,¬†by contrast, I think it could crack up a lot of marriages because people’s nerves are raw, they are drinking due to stress, they are angry about losing money and they are not getting enough sleep. This can’t but destroy even the strongest unions.
What do you think about this? Is there any relationship between the Dow and Divorce?
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