DIVORCE DIARIES: Diary of Asha Pabla day 11: Raj has a new lawyer

Dear Diary,
I’ve been so busy, so stressed. All these stupid rumors about my husband (you know, Raj Rajaratnam) drive me mad. Now they are talking about my husband asking a female employee to wear spandex and stand on a table top at the office? What is this? What kind of lies are these? These stupid idiots. I know my husband and the one thing I can tell you for sure, he is not into spandex!
My beloved Raj has been getting his fighting spirits back and at least that’s good. He is not going to take this lying down. We talked about it a lot and in the end, we both really think that we needed more experienced counsel than Jim Walden. He’s a nice guy and he did a fine job but I told Raj, we should get somebody else, somebody outside New York. And he listened. I’m so glad. He usually doesn’t listen. But this time he did and I think he got a much better lawyer so I feel a little better, a little stronger. This guy we got in Washington named John. John Dowd. He’s a high-powered Washington super lawyer. I think he can handle the job. He’s handled a lot of high profile cases such as governors and senators. He’s better to take care of my Raj and save him from the death in American prisons. I’m glad he didn’t go for Ira Sorkin. We talked about him and he’s good. But his last client got 150 years in jail and I need my Raj. I can’t live without my Raj for 150 years. Sometimes I feel so bad for Ruth Madoff. Especially now. How does she cope? How does she do this? I wish I could sit with her over tea and talk. I need a friend who understands exactly what I am feeling.
I am not even sure what it is that I’m feeling. All I know for sure is I could never divorce my Raj.
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(Photo by Flickr is not an image of Asha Pabla wife of Raj Rajaratnam, or anyone affiliated with the Rajaratnam scandal. We use it for illustrative purposes only and in a fictitious sense. This journal is also a work of fiction.)