WASHINGTON: So just how does Barack and Michelle Obama avoid divorce?

HOW DO THE OBAMAS AVOID DIVORCE? So, according to the November 1, 2009 NYT article on the state of the Obama marriage, what was their number one secret to keeping their marriage off the rocks? According to Washington Correspondent Jodi Kantor, they have a regular date night. It’s that simple. They continue to date each other and stare deeply into each other’s eyes and tell each other “I love you” all the while the GOP is gunning for Obama’s head on a platter. They put each other first, make each other a priority.  Wasn’t that exactly what I advocated here: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/how-to-avoid-divorce-part-deux-have-a-date-night-once-per-week-at-the-waldorf
‘cept, nobody ever listens to me…..I guess my big and inappropriate question is: Can they make love in the White House? It just kinda strikes me as a place where there is zero privacy? Which would have such a chilling effect on the libido? (Except if you are Bill Clinton, of course.)
Check out the full story in the November 1, 2009 New York Times Magazine article.
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