3 reasons to fire your divorce attorney

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Sometimes, divorce attorneys and clients need to part ways either amicably, or one should literally fire the other. Either the attorney should “fire” the client or the client should fire the attorney. It’s a lot easier for the client to fire the attorney than for the attorney to fire the client, btw. But that is another post. Suffice to say,¬†sometimes, one needs to fire the other. This post is about 3 reasons the client should fire the attorney. What are three reasons a client should fire the attorney?
1) Incompetence – if the attorney just can’t handle for case for whatever reason (it’s not the area of practice, it’s too complex, etc) the client should pull out and find other counsel asap.
2) Insolence – an attorney who is arrogant and abrasive is one who does not listen to a client’s wishes and this obviously will not serve the client in the long run.
3) Indifference – an attorney may be indifferent and could care less either way about the case or the client. The client is better off getting another lawyer in a case like this.
By a New York Divorce Attorney: www.mynewyorkdivorceattorney.com
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