Let hubby be the CEO and you'll avoid divorce – guaranteed!!!

Ivanka Kushner née Trump, is a woman who seems to intuitively understand the importance of letting her husband think he’s the CEO of the home. The operative word here, of course, is THINK. How do we know? Because she converted to Orthodox Judaism to marry him. And she takes his name except in professional circumstances when she’ll remain Ivanka Trump. And she publicly has declared, “I look up to him” even though she’s such a major power broker in the real estate industry at the tender age of twenty-seven.
Allowing your husband to at least think he is the CEO goes beyond such simple platitudes, as saying “I look up to him” of course. But Ivanka clearly demonstrates that she sees the issue and that she’s on it. This should prove healthy for her marriage to Mr. Kushner.
Don’t get us wrong. We don’t believe in handing the reins of your life and family and marriage over to a nincompoop just because he’s a member of the male species, all in the name of avoiding divorce. A man does not qualify as your CEO simply by virtue of the fact that he’s a member of the male species. No. Au contraire!
And, of course, it is true that in some unions, the woman is clearly more qualified to be the CEO than the man. But those are disasters waiting to happen and frankly, this marriage should not have happened in the first place! A woman should never, ever, evva, marry a man who she honestly does not believe, deep in her heart, is man enough to be her CEO.
We strongly believe that to marry a man whom you cannot easily and without reservation appoint as your CEO, is for a woman to set herself up for divorce.
Every successful organization, if you take a moment to think about it, has one CEO. Similarly, every successful marriage should have one CEO. And it can’t be the woman. That is fundamentally imbalanced…well, let me take that back. It can be the woman, so long as she is skilled enough to let her man think that he’s the CEO. And no. That does not mean she gets to be the chairman.
And don’t get us wrong. In a marriage, the wife can be the COO. She can be the CFO. But for marital longevity and harmony? The man needs to feel he’s the CEO and the woman –even if she doesn’t know it yet –needs a man who she feels in her soul is man enough, that she can relax and let him run the show. (Sure, he needs to be sensitive to her needs and a whole bunch of other qualities too, but CEO he must be for the marriage to work.)
Agree? Disagree? Whatever. But what you just got here is a load of truth, darling. And most people have proven that they can’t HANDLE the truth. And that is exactly why so many marriages are ending in divorce in these modern times.