LONDON: Husband of Vodafone exec who asked for divorce gets 9 yrs for her manslaughter – women outraged

english countrysideVodafone exec Sally Sinclair has been laid to rest however, she may be turning over in her grave. Her husband Alistair Sinclair was acquitted of murder charges but instead was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 9 years in prison by a Winchester judge. Says Times Online:

A jealous husband who stabbed his wife more than 30 times after she admitted having an affair was jailed for nine years yesterday and described by the judge as “egotistical and self-absorbed”.
Alisdair Sinclair, 48, attacked his wife Sally, a Vodafone executive, in a “jealous rage” after the pair argued in the kitchen of their £1 million home in Alport, Hampshire. Mrs Sinclair, 40, had told her husband of more than 20 years that she had been secretly seeing an office colleague and wanted a divorce.

It is disturbing to many women here in Britain that the trend continues where men are murdering their wives and routinely getting off on manslaughter convictions with reduced sentences. In Mr. Sinclair’s case, he is likely to be released within 3 years for good behavior even though his sentence was for nine years.
I personally found it peculiar that the judge found that he had “diminished capacity.”  Mr. Sinclair brutally murdered his wife, stabbing her more than 30 times. He’s described by many as having been a controlling husband, distant and unemotional. Ms. Sinclair, on the contrary was described as a woman of good character, and a good humoured woman as well who was dearly loved by her friends and family. He tried to convince the court that it was self-defense and that she attacked him first. But that is totally without credibility:

Sinclair claimed that his wife had attacked him first. He said that he could remember pulling a knife from the knife block in the kitchen and swiping it across Mrs Sinclair’s neck, causing her to fall “like a stone”.

It is a disturbing trend around Britain these days and if harsher penalties are not given, more and more men are going to slaughter their wives like pigs – using lame excuses such as “jealousy” and only get a pat on the wrist in the form of a few years in prison.
–by Georgina Cavendish, United Kingdom
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