NEW YORK: Rabia Sarwar, a Muslim wife, slashed her husband's neck after he introduced her to booze, pork, and miniskirts

muslim womanDid Rabia Sarwar read this blog post on Divorce Saloon about the wife in Mumbai who tried to divorce her American based (California) husband after he tried to get her to eat beef? Check out the Mumbia situation here.
Here in New York, I just got wind of this story about Rabia. In her case, it was pork, not beef that drove her over the edge. But similar to the Mumbai bride, there were the issues with the miniskirts.
The only difference between the two is that the Mumbai bride had the wherewithal to ask for a divorce (it was denied). The New York gal took matter in her own hands and commenced to carve up her husband with a butcher knife. Allegedly.
Wow. What is going on with these veiled beauties? It seems many are rebelling, big time.
Read more about Rabia here:
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