TEXAS: Twice divorced super lawyer John O'Quinn dies in car crash in Texas; girlfriend Darla devastated

car crashHe was a plaintiff’s personal injury super lawyer but now, John O’ Quinn is dead. His car apparently jumped some lanes in Texas. John won billions for clients over the 4 decade career history. Says the New York Times:

In a series of decisions in the 1990s, Mr. O’Quinn, with his former law partner Richard Laminack, won more than a billion dollars from makers of silicone breast implants for women who said they had been harmed by them. He was one of five lawyers who shared a $3.3 billion fee for brokering a 1998 settlement between tobacco companies and the State of Texas, which sued to recover state costs for treating smoking-related illnesses. And in 2004, he won a $1 billion verdict against Wyeth, a manufacturer of a weight-loss product containing the drug combination known as fen-phen, now banned.

Read more at the New York Times here:
I just wonder what Darla stands to get now that the love of her life is gone? They were not married. Presumably he was gun shy after two divorces. But hopefully he left her something in his will? What a shame that would be that she gave so much of her life to this relationship only to walk away with nothing but her memories…..wonder if any of his ex-wives were left anything in his will?
Well, whatever the case may be, may he rest in peace.
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