Diary of Asha Pabla day 15: my husband is not a sedulous ape


Dear Diary
I can barely find time to write in my journal. Everything is going at two thousand miles a minute now that my sweetheart has been arrested and charged with the ugly crime. I can barely find time to wash my hair. How meaningless that is to me. Hair. My Raj always loved my hair.
Ugly. Ugliness. That is what I call it. The ugly crime. My husband is not a man capable of committing an ugly crime like that. He takes risks and he works hard but he does not break laws and he is not a rat and he is not an ape.
Some moron called my husband a “sedulous ape” who wanted to be like Bernie Madoff. What kind of racist thing is that to say first of all, to call my husband an ape just because he is big and dark? What does this mean sedulous ape? But second of all, what is this guy talking about? I don’t know what to make of these people. They are ignorant and they don’t know it.
Raj thinks he can beat this rap completely. He told me so in so many words last night. He told me he is innocent and that he has no doubt that he will be acquitted. He looked me in the eye and he told me he didn’t break any laws. He said what he did was perfectly legal and that Roomy Khan is full of shit. He said it like the old Raj, confident and strong, like a bull. A roaring bull like to call him. Like the one on Wall Street. How could I ever divorce a man like this? A strong bull, like my Raj?
Today the New York times did a flattering piece about my Raj. Now people will see what kind of man he is. He is not some stereotype on Wall Street stealing people’s money and running ponzi schemes. My husband is a benefactor, okay. He helps people. I am glad that Geoff told them about Raj and the Harlem Children’s Zone. If Raj was so bad why would Geoff put up everything he owned for my Raj? Geoff put up his pension, his house, everything to secure bail for my Raj. Why? Because he thought my Raj was guilty? Of course not. People will see. They will see the truth soon. My Raj is innocent and he will be acquitted. That’s why everybody who knows  him know. He is innocent. To think they thought he would flee that he was a flight risk.
My Raj is brave. Like a bull. He does not run and hide. He faces trouble and he wins. My Raj will win. He is my hero. I love my Raj. I just can’t believe anybody ever thought I could ever leave him and desert him. I could never leave my Raj. I could never desert my Raj, the father of my children, my husband and my love. Yes I love him. I love him. My sweet, sweet man.
(this is a fictitious journal and this photo is for illustrative purposes only and is not Asha Pabla Rajaratnam)

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