BULGARIA: Should 11 yr old Korteza Zhelyazkova get custody of her daughter Violeta?

I was reading about an eleven year old in Bulgaria who recently gave birth to a daughter on the day she was to marry the girl’s father who is nineteen. The 11 year old mother and bride, Korteza Zhelyazkova, reportedly told Bulgarian reporters that she loves her daughter and that she will happily give up toys so that her daughter can be the child and she can be the adult. Her husband is set to stand trial for rape and could face up to six years in prison. He allegedly says that he didn’t know his bride was only 11 and thought that in fact she was more like 15. You can read the story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1224770/Bulgarian-girl-Kordeza-Zhelyazkova-11-gives-birth-daughter–wedding-day.html
This, whether true or false got me to thinking about whether a young parent, say, a child under the age of 12 should be given custody of a child just because he or she is the biological parent, or whether the state/country should have an interest in protecting the child’s welfare and thus would or should have the authority to place the child in foster care (even if with another family member) till the youngster reaches at least age 15, or so.
In other words, I guess I’m trying to figure out what happens when a parent is an infant? I haven’t personally handled any cases where that was an issue. But it can’t be that novel in this day and age that an 11 year old gets pregnant and has a live birth. Normally, I guess the family would step up and take care of the baby. But what happens if there is no family per se? It is hard to imagine that the 11 year old is given the child to take home and care for?
But of course, that is what happened in Bulgaria. Korteza was given her baby and she married the baby’s daddy and between them both, they are going to be responsible for this life.
Sure, one must guard against making blanket statements such as “Eleven year olds cannot provide the necessary care to infant babies and as such should not get custody of infant babies” but…but should an eleven year old be given custody? Somehow,  I just don’t think so.