LONDON: Miller and Molly Smith on why are men so badly screwed by divorce?

They don’t call London the divorce capital of the world for nothing. It seems almost on a weekly basis, another illustrious divorce of some rich Russian, politician, movie star or executive, hits the front pages of the papers. 
The latest story is that of Miller Smith a 69 year old Londoner who also was the chairman of ICI – Imperial Chemical Industries. In 2004 Smith married his second wife, 44 year old Molly, a citizen of India, and former secretary of ICI (they met when he was chairman and she was secretary). The 25 year age difference and the cultural divide did not figure into his calculus when he made the decision to marry his Miss Molly.
The couple set up a lavish home in Kensington, not far from the former palace of the late Princess Diana, paying £ 6 million for the “super prime” residence. Of course, the marriage crumbled up just 5 months after that and Mr. Miller moved out, leaving his strangely mismatched wife in the residence.
In July, the high court judge ordered the house sold. But wifey is arguing that she should be able to keep the house and have her husband continue the mortgage payments which are £ 27,000 per month. Says the London Evening Standard:

Mr Wilson [wife’s barrister] told the court that the property is “super prime” and Mr Miller Smith can afford to make payments on the mortgage — his wealth being demonstrated by the fact that he recently took out a lease on a country estate.
His lawyers have previously said that he has a monthly net income of about £27,000 — the same as the mortgage payments on the house.

Mr. Smith have three children with his first wife who died of cancer in 1999. Molly is only his second wife. But if she’s anything like the late Peter Sellers’ wife, Smith better be  careful that Molly winds up with all his assets and his children wind up with nothing.
Why do men get badly screwed by divorce? Because a lot of times when they get married, they are thinking with the wrong part of their anatomy.
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Reporting by Georgina Cavendish, UK