MALIBU: Robin Wright Penn, bitter about divorce gossip & paparazzi moves family from Hollywood

malibuBreaking divorce news Robin Wright Penn did not move her family from Hollywood a day too soon. A report just came out today that charges were dropped against her 16 year old son Hopper who was in possession of prescription drugs at his high school. Turns out the drugs were in his name and were prescribed by his physician…..
This comes in the heel of Robins recent divorce from Sean Penn after several attempts to break up and subsequent make ups. Since the split, Robin has been quoted as saying that the divorce will be “good for her career.”
But she doesn’t think having celeb parents is good for kids. According to the New York Post she said: “I didn’t want my kids to grow up in this weird sycophantic society.¬† If you have celebrity parents its not a good recipe for kids or anyone at any age.”
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