NEW JERSEY: Le divorce, Le $1.5M trust fund, Le wife, Le father-in law, Le murder, Le "fat" alibi

The smoking gun
The smoking gun

Bizarre story coming out of Hackensack New Jersey. A Florida man is on trial for the murder of his son in law. Edward Ates is accused of killing his former son in law Paul Duncsak by gunshot following a protracted divorce and custody battle with Ates’ daughter Stacey. Stacey on the other hand is described by prosecutors as having had “severe” financial problems and so the prosecutors are saying her father killed her ex husband on account of a $1.5 million trust the ex  husband  had created for his children and which Stacey would control once Duncsak was dead. Ates denies killing his son in law, of course. But clearly, someone murdered Duncsak. Who had a motive to do that?  The murder was committed with a shot gun in his (Duncsak’s) million dollar home in New Jersey. Now, Ates’ attorney claims that Ates could not have murdered his son in law since Ates is “fat” and “old” and could scarcely have climbed the stairs and aimed a gun that fast and accurately, then drove non-stop for 21 hours to Louisiana where Ates was apprehended by police while he was visiting his “elderly” mother. Says the New York Post:

Prosecutors claim Ates drove from his home in Fort Pierce, Fla., to Duncsak’s $1.1 million home in Ramsey, about 25 miles northwest of Manhattan, in August 2006 and shot him as he came home from work. Police quickly suspected Ates and found him 24 hours later at his mother’s home in Sibley, La.
Defense lawyer Walter Lesnevich said his client — age 62 and at least 285 pounds at the time of the murder — didn’t have the energy to run up a staircase, accurately shoot Duncsak, leave before police arrived, then make a 21-hour drive to his mother’s home in order to create an alibi as prosecutors claim.
“Look at him!” Lesnevich told jurors, adding that Ates was 60 pounds heavier at the time of the crime.
Prosecutors also said there was evidence that the killer was hungry: A Burger King hamburger wrapper was found near Duncsak’s body, and Duncsak was on his cell phone moments before he was shot asking his girlfriend if she had left the Whopper wrapper there. She said she had not.

Obviously, the lesson here is, if you are in a protracted divorce maybe it’s not such a good idea to let your former spouse know that you are setting up million dollar trusts for the kids which your former spouse will control when and if you die. Looks like that could be bad luck.
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