How to divorce like a supermodel: A look at Stephanie Seymour and Christie Brinkley's divorce

Supermodels don’t seem to handle divorce very well – even when they are the plaintiffs (meaning, they are dumping their husbands rather than their husbands dumping them.) Why? One theory is that even in those cases where the supermodel files the divorce against her husband, by the time she does that, he has done such a number on her fragile ego, that she, in turn comes off like a woman scorned (whether that is true or not). What is it? Ego? Hubris? What causes these beauties to go off the deep end like that?
Take Christie Brinkley. Well, she didn’t exactly go off the deep end, but she certainly didn’t have a huge sense of humor about the whole thing. She was clearly not amused at all by Peter’s shenanigans that forced her hand and pushed her to file for divorce. To put it mildly, she seemed very angry with her husband. Never mind the fact that he was her fourth husband and she could probably pretty much have any man she set her mind too. The fact that he cheated on her seemed to really gall Christie Brinkley to no end. It was like, “how dare you? Do you know who I am? Have you looked at me lately? You cheated on me, you @#$%ing idiot?”
Be that as it may, she certainly kept her main assets, didn’t she? And that is instructive. First of all, she’s still got all the Brinkley goods so to speak. He didn’t exactly leave her wrinkled and sagging.  Plus, he scarcely got his grubby little paws on most of her real estate. Yes, he got some alimony, a couple of million dollars as a settlement since she was the more affluent spouse. But she kept the lion’s share of what they owned together and this is a considerable portfolio of real estate in Bridgehampton that would be the envy of most people I know. Plus, she got physical custody of the kids, so that should be a lesson to anyone who is similarly positioned. It is possible to get the kids and relegate hubby to visitation only. 
Christie had absolutely no misgivings about courting the press throughout the proceedings and airing the dirty laundry for all to see and hear. She wanted everybody to know what a turd bag her husband was and I think she succeeded there royally.
During her divorce, her courtroom attire was classic and stylish. Nary a hair out of place. So even though the divorce was ugly as all get out, she still looked gorgeous every single day – every bit the supermodel her viewing public had come to know and expect, with her big smile, luminous skin, tight body and lush mane of blond hair. She showed that ugliness and beauty can co-exist quite nicely when you are a supermodel getting divorced.
And Christie and Peter are still not done. After the judgment, there was all this courtroom drama over trivial stuff like their kid’s passport. It is highly unlikely we’ve heard the last of those two.
Stephanie Seymour’s divorce from billionaire Peter Brant promises to top Christie’s as far as salaciousness, dirt and high drama. First of all, Stephanie is the less affluent spouse as compared to Christie who pretty much held the purse strings. So there are going to be the inevitable “gold-digger” charges. Not that Stephanie needed to gold-dig from Brant. She was quite accomplished, having been a model for years and obviously, having made a ton of money as a result. Says Vanity Fair:

Stephanie Seymour, [is a] 41-year-old former supermodel and veteran of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, Victoria’s Secret catalogs, and, not least, two Playboy pictorials.

So Stephanie was not a gold-digger. But because Stephanie’s husband is a billionaire, there could be that perception. Surely, there is far more at stake monetarily in Stephanie’s divorce than Christie’s. Vanity Fair just did an article about Stephanie and Peter Brant’s divorce. And it provides in depth details about some of the couple’s assets. Just the art work alone will blow you away. Listen to this:

At issue are properties—including commissioned portraits of Seymour by artists such as Julian Schnabel, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, and Maurizio Cattelan (the last’s contribution is a bust of the supermodel that has been variously described as calling to mind a hunting trophy or the figurehead on a ship’s bow).
Yet another filing accused her of making off with her own Sotheby’s lot: five more Warhols, another Cindy Sherman, five Tiffany picture frames, and a leopard throw rug. (The filing doesn’t say if it was genuine leopard.) But her greatest sin, in Brant’s view, may have been that she supposedly loaded the valuable and delicate artworks into the back of her S.U.V. as casually as if they had been soccer gear or lacrosse sticks.

So far, there have been no court appearances by Stephanie and Peter Brant that I’m aware of. Or if there have, it has been very hush hush…oh, wait. That’s right I do not own a television. So perhaps there have been court appearances. It would be highly unusual if only the attorneys showed up to court. In fact, all parties are required to appear in court in a matrimonial action. At least, they are in New York. I wonder why there have been no photographs of Stephanie as she leaves the courthouse like there were of Christie? Oh that’s right. They both have agreed not to talk to the press so there is a self-imposed gag order and that could explain the dearth of information about the case….. Well, not really. It did leak out that Peter demanded urine tests for Stephanie and that he’s accused her of using drugs. She has not come out with any outrageous demands as yet against him. But she is definitely a far cry from the 26 year old girl who simply idolized her husband. According to Vanity Fair:

[Stephanie] “’He’s strong, intelligent, sensitive, and very masculine” she purred while discussing her then fiancé with People magazine in 1994, on the occasion of her election as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. Brant cannot claim that level of renown, but his résumé is not shabby. In People’s words, he is “the polo-playing owner of Interview, Antiques, and Art in America,” while a recent court filing reminds us that he is also “a newsprint entrepreneur, an art collector, film producer, and owner/breeder of thoroughbred horses.”

What lessons can we learn from Stephanie? Well, she has not been giving any interviews so that is very classy, and rather instructive. And she has not been making obscene demands from her husband for his urine or other such things. She is cool. She has moved on with someone else so he cannot accuse her of being a “woman scorned.” One might argue that he’s the man scorned. And, well, she absconds with the artwork – but with style. I cannot envision a more glamorous image than an international supermodel driving an SUV that is packed with priceless contemporary artwork that she lifted without permission from her marital residence.
The other lesson is, when divorcing like a supermodel, be sure to take the jaw-dropping nude shot. It sure focuses everybody’s attention on what’s important pretty quickly. 

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