MIAMI: J.Lo threatens to sue ex-husband Ojani Noa for threatening to release home videos and sexy tape

NEW YORK: TMZ is reporting that Jennifer Lopez’s ex husband Ojani Noa is planning to release a movie called How I married Jennifer Lopez: The J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story. jennifer loSince their divorce back in 1998, it seems Mr. Noa has tried more than once to capitalize on his less than one year marriage to Ms. Lopez. At one point, he was pitching a book about the star and she sued him and won. This time, she is suing him for $10 million dollars for breach of a confidentiality agreement they signed a few years back – presumably the same time they rumbled about the book he was peddling.

It is so important for divorcing couples to have strong language in their settlement agreement about such matters as tapes and tell all books – even when they are not famous. Because in this reality TV climate in which we live, anybody can get famous any time. And there is always going to be an ex husband or ex wife or ex something who wants to cash in on that. Here, it seems J.Lo was smart enough to get that confidentiality agreement, yet Mr. Noa still seems bent on breaching this agreement, which makes little sense. Then again, it could all just be rumors. Perhaps Mr. Noa never did try to sell these items but someone may have started the rumor just for kicks. Because it would make no sense whatsoever that he would breach an otherwise enforceable gag order and risk getting sued for everything he owns and then some….
I wonder if J.Lo has a prenup with Marc Anthony and whether there are gag orders plugged into it? I sure hope so!