Q&A: Can you get spousal support after your spouse dies?

Spousal support after death? Possibly.
Let me start by sharing that my granny died yesterday on November 7, 2009 in the afternoon. She was 98 ¬Ĺ. I am happy that she has gone to her eternal rest but sad for her that she didn’t live to be 100 as she had told me she wanted to do when I was a little girl. Granny was my light as a child. Through her adoration, I felt like I was the most lovable child in the whole entire world! So I just wanted to take a moment and honor her and let everyone know that I loved my granny very, very much….May she rest in peace….
Staying on this trend of thought, of death, for a moment, the question in this post is whether you can get spousal support after your spouse dies. Normally, no. You can’t. Most people’s stipulation of settlement would terminate after the death of a spouse. That means that if your spouse was ordered or agreed to pay you $100K per month alimony, after his or her death, that payment would cease. What if they were ordered to pay you till the end of your life? There would have be be provisions in the will, or some sort of life insurance policy that is made a part of the stipulation to protect you.
In some cases, take the Debbie Rowe/Michael Jackson situation for michaelexample, spousal support can be used as leverage. I don’t know if this happened in Ms. Rowe’s case, but some believe that in lieu of taking custody from Katherine Jackson, the estate, or Ms. Jackson herself, agreed to continue the spousal support that Mr. Jackson was paying Ms. Rowe. If true, that is obviously a highly unusual situation. Normal people don’t get more spousal support after the spouse (whom they had divorced years prior), dies. Unless, as I said, there are provisions in the stipulation for payments to continue after death. But this would obviously only happen in cases where the parties are super wealthy, and sometimes not even then, unless, of course, you are someone with a biography like Michael Jackson. Then, bizarre things start to happen. Like a long lost spouse may suddenly reappear and make demands for spousal support and get it. Not to say Ms. Rowe is getting spousal support. I do not know since there is a confidentiality agreement between the parties. But chances are she could be getting it and in my estimation, that is very highly unusual….by the way have you seen This is it?
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