LAS VEGAS: Joe Jackson seeks parental financial support from son Michael's estate

I read here that Joe Jackson wants financial life support from Michael Jackson’s estate.**http%3A//*http%3A//
It’s not every day that happens. Usually it is the other way around. I am not even sure what to say about this. Surely if I were similarly situated, I guess I would want my parents to be provided for in the event of my death and if I were wealthy. It’s just that his son went out of his way to leave him out of the will and I am sure he had his reasons. Should he then be able to circumvent the will of his son? I don’t know. Indeed, he (Joe) has the same expenses while Michael was alive and I am sure he found a way to pay for it all. In death, should he get what he didn’t get while his son was alive? This is a very hairy question and situation. To say the least.