FRENCH WOMEN DON’T GET FAT BUT THEY DO GET DIVORCED!parissFrench women may not get fat, but they do get divorced. Paris held its first annual divorce fair this weekend. More than 4000 people attended. I found this out from

Conferences held throughout the two-day-long fair included talks entitled “Plastic surgery’s role in re-conquering your image” and “How to re-seduce your partner using the Gestalt method,” as well as “Meeting on the Web” and “Separation: What does a lawyer do?”
The fair’s organiser, Brigitte Gaumet, said she had the idea for the event after President Nicolas Sarkozy divorced his second wife months after taking office in 2007.

A quick browse around the Internet revealed several sites with information about the fair, including Reuters:

Sylvie Razafindrakoto, whose divorce was finalized three weeks ago, came looking for tips on coping with difficult teenagers as a newly single mother.But the 46-year-old was sidetracked by an image consultant and booked herself in for a wardrobe makeover and consulting session on which colors suit her best.
“I need to boost my self-confidence a bit more. I need someone to tell me whether or not my look reflects my personality,” she told Reuters at the first ever Divorce, Separation and Bereavement fair in Paris, held at the weekend.
Visitors could find everything they needed to ease the pain of separation, from legal and financial advice to life coaching, seduction tips or even cellulite removal.

Wow. So much for being the City of Lights and Romance. Paris is now divorce central, not very far behind London which is called the “Divorce Capital of the World.” Although, London got its name not so much from its rate of divorce, but the pro rata share of high profile/high net worth divorces that takes place on its soil as compared to other cities  (in other words, more really rich people tend  to get divorced in London than other cities) 
Marriages in Paris are said to crumble at the alarming rate of 50%, significantly higher than it was a few decades ago. At the fair, it seems women outnumbered men by a wide margin. And it wasn’t just advice on picking divorce lawyers that they sought. Says the UK Telegraph:

At the Instutut Cellusionic, a stand offering weight-loss solutions, a young woman in a black bikini underwent an extensive ultrasonic anti-cellulite massage while a small crowd gathered to watch.
“The clients here are mostly women, which is the same as at the Wedding Fair,” stand manager Sidonie Morlet said. “Except that there, they’re mostly trying to squeeze into a wedding gown, whereas here, they want to look good to seduce others and, in a deeper sense, please themselves.”

When will New York follow suit? As far as having a divorce fair? It can’t be too much longer now. This thing’s been happening all over Europe now for a few years. The time has come for it to hit New York’s shores.
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