BRITAIN: Divorce causes 20% of bullying kids to attack their parents

Disturbing stats coming out of UK. It seems there is a trend that teenagers are increasingly attacking their parents physically and parents are increasingly admitting being “afraid” of their own kids – especially the daughters. Says an article in today’s UK Guardian:

Children as young as13 are behaving with extreme physical and verbal violence towards their parents, according to new statistics from the national helpline, Parentline Plus.
Almost 1,200 calls were made to the charity in the past year by parents suffering abuse from their children. Most of the violence was perpetrated by children aged 13-15. Daughters were more likely to be aggressors than sons.

Divorce was cited in 20% of these cases (about 1200 cases are reported each year). Wow. What would be a viable solution to a problem such as this? Giving custody to the other parent? It seems ridiculous that a parent will be victimized in their own home at the hands of their own kids. Obviously, a part of that goes to the rearing of the child during infancy and during marriage. It is so important to properly discipline children as they are growing – starting in the womb. This idea that children get to do whatever they want is a recipe for a hell hole. And when there is a divorce and only one parent in the home (often times the mother), well, she’s at the mercy of kids who never learned to respect their parents in the first place. Children need structure from the get go. You can’t teach good manners and structure to a teenager. By then it is too late.
At the same time, structure or no structure, these kids have some nerve attacking their parents like that. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. And especially attacking a parent who is a single parent and doing the best they can. That is just a crying shame. There just is no excuse for that – divorce or no divorce. That is just a crying shame. Period. Read more here:
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