FLORIDA: Will Quinn Gray's audio-sex tape lead to divorce?

sex tapeSex tapes with partners other than one’s spouse could lead to divorce.
Her husband seems either oblivious or blinded by love; or perhaps it’s just shock. But affluent Florida housewife, Quinn Gray, who was arrested with her alleged lover for extortion of her own husband, sure is a lucky woman for bagging a man who stands by her after a situation like this.
That Quinn Gray’s husband Reid has a reasonable basis to believe that his wife wasn’t truly kidnapped and that in fact she enjoyed every minute of her adulterous tryst with her so called kidnapper is readily self-evident to everyone but him. They say love is blind. But this is remarkable.
On the Today Show this morning, Reid Gray insisted that his wife suffers from bipolar disorder and he said that just prior to the kidnapping incident that he had considered divorce, presumably for other reasons (there had been allegations of infidelity before) but that they were working on their marriage and he believes that the Bosnian guy, Jasmin, was it? brainwashed and kidnapped her and that he did not believe she would go out and do something like this just weeks after some of the best time they had ever had in their marriage.
But Reid’s stance  is not very plausible. The Today Show played a portion of the tape and she sounded very comfortable, excited, complicit and sane. She sounded like a woman plotting with her lover against her own husband and enjoying every minute of it!
Quinn is right now as we speak in a psychiatric facility getting treatment and is expected to be released some time later in the month. Her husband vows to be there for her and their two children.
But it’s hard not to think about that tape. And to wonder, whether ultimately, it won’t lead to divorce.
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