NEW YORK: Anna Wintour a decade after "divorce", turns 60

Vogue’s iconic Anna Wintour, a British born fashion genius who has headed the magazine for more than 2 decades, turned 60 earlier this month. anna wintourExcept for what some are calling “failing vision” (as in her eye sight) she remains a formidable presence in the fashion industry. Ten years ago, when Anna was 50, nobody expected her to last this long. In fact, New York Magazine dubbed that period in her life as “The Summer of her discontent.” Indeed, there was chaos at Vogue for one thing. Tons of folks leaving. But also, she was going through a divorce from her husband, a child psychiatrist named David Shaffer, on account of the fact that she had had a “scandalous scandalous extramarital affair with a wealthy Texan” a buy by the name of Shelby Bryan. Well, these days, Anna is still with the wealthy Texan having separated from Shaffer and Bryan having separated from his wife as well. And¬† 60 seems to be a much happier time than 50 was. Although it is unclear if her divorce was ever finalized, or whether the Queen of New York fashion has been messily living in sin. Although, one must admit she sure looks good doing it – if that’s the case.
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