INDIA: Gayathri Raguram to divorce after 3 years of marriage

Indian choreographer and actress Gayathri Raguram could not hold the marriage together no matter how hard she wanted to. The marriage started out with all the pomp and circumstance of celebrity royalty in India and was described as “The marriage was a grand affair with the who’s who of Tamil film industry turning up in large numbers to bless and wish the newly weds.”
So many are stunned by the rapid disintegration of the marriage in India. Though Gayathri was not exactly a household name in the West (certainly here in America) she is very well known and quite popular in South East Asia – India in particular. Gayathri was married to an American based computer engineer by the name of Deepak Chandrasekhar and lived here in the United States.
So she has applied for a divorce in Chennai family court as opposed to here in America, however. It is always interesting when international diaspora run back home to get divorced. Isn’t it?