LOS ANGELES: J.Lo's ex hubby Ojani Noa is poised to challenge the validity of their 2005 settlement agreement

jen lopezIt cannot be sufficiently emphasized that when couples are getting divorced, they both should retain competent legal counsel – meaning a lawyer admitted in the state where you are getting divorced, and one who knows what he or she is doing.
The New York Daily News is reporting that Jennifer Lopez’s ex husband Ojani Noa, who was recently sued by the superstar for $10 million dollars for violation of a confidentiality agreement, is complaining that he did not have good representation when he entered into the stip with Ms. Lopez. Thus, Mr. Noa may be thinking about challenging the stipulation of settlement the parties entered into in 2005. Says the News:

In 2007, Lopez won a $545,000 arbitration award that barred Noa from shopping a tell-all manuscript about their brief union. The proposed book reportedly claimed Lopez cheated on him with her current husband Marc Anthony.
Noa says he plans to challenge the legality of his settlements with the Bronx-born beauty.
“I don’t really believe in my (2005) agreement. My lawyer wasn’t a real lawyer, he went to jail,” Noa told the Daily News. He added that Lopez hired and paid for his lawyer in their divorce.

“I was therefore coerced to settle,” he said in a court statement.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2009/11/10/2009-11-10_jennifer_lopez_granted_temporary_restraining_order_barring_ojani_noa_from_sellin.html#ixzz0WVrDgkH6
Wow. That must mean that the half million he got from her in 2005 has run out and he’s looking to get some more? But he’s out of his mind trying to pull a stunt like this. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t seem like she’s playing with that nonsense. She will cripple him financially if that is what it takes. But he also seems bent on spilling her business for a quick buck. Their case is being heard in December. Shortly after, it wouldn’t be surprising if retains counsel to challenge the stipulation.
And he may have a good argument. He claims his lawyer at the time was a criminal and went to prison and “wasn’t a real lawyer.”
My oh my. Jen could have a problem with this one. This is a dog with a bone who won’t go away.

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