CALIFORNIA: Carrie Prejean on the "gay divorce" and her new book "Still Standing"

We know Carrie is anti gay marriage. But how does she feel about gay divorce?  Poor Carrie has come under a blitz of criticism for her views that marriage should be between a man and a woman.carrie Donald Trump and pageant officials were accused of being influenced by her statement about marriage in de-crowning the beauty queen and sending her packing. Was this right? I don’t think so. She is entitled to her views. We don’t have to agree, and certainly, her speech against gay marriage does not have to be “popular.” But in this country, the United States of America, there is such a thing as free speech. It is very dangerous to punish folks for their views just because we happen not to agree. It is very dangerous in trying to censure the opinions of those we disagree with. That goes to the foundations of democracy. And puts a big hole in the whole thing we are trying to do in this country.
But is Carrie a bit of a hypocrite having posed semi nude and making a sex tape in condemning gay marriage? It seems the zeitgeist on this issue seem to think so. Mr. Trump is quoted as saying, “she tried to pretend to be a nun.” I don’t really see what one has to do with the other, and I don’t think that Carrie was trying to act like Sister Carrie our Lady of Lourdes or whatever. She seems to think sex is just fine, but her view is, marriage should be between one man and one woman. So what? Why does it matter so much what she thinks? Why is she shown so much hate for her opinions?
As far as the skimpy pink underwear she was accused of posing in (without a top), they were no skimpier than, say, the bathing suits she paraded in on stage during the pageant. So it is slightly hypocritical to cast stones at her or to dethrone her for wearing her underwear and taking pictures of it, when it was just fine for her to parade in front of millions in her bikinis. What is going on with that? And this thing with the breasts? Are you kidding me? How many of these beauty pageant contenders have real breasts? Forget beauty pageants. It is increasingly more difficult to find ordinary gals sporting real breasts these days period! Unless, like me, they are afraid of keloids. So what is up with this criticism of Prejean? What has this to do with her views on gay marriage or gay divorce?
What would she say about the gay divorce? Obviously, I don’t know since I’ve never heard her speak about it. I only know what she thinks about gay marriage. I’m thinking she would be for it, given her track record….wait. Maybe not. Since she doesn’t even recognize the marriage as legitimate in the first place, I think she would just balk at divorce….
Right or wrong, Ms Prejean is entitled to her views like any other American. We don’t have to agree. We don’t have to like what she says. Whoopie Goldberg allegedly called her “bitchy” on the View today for threatening to terminate her interview with Larry King who was basically delving too deeply in the girl’s business and trying to flush out the sex tape story. You know what, Whoopie? She has a right to have her boundaries and if they get crossed, she has a right to terminate the conversation and she basically told Larry, “you know what? That’s inappropriate.” I respect her for that. This is America. She is not obligated to spill her guts for Larry King’s ratings – especially if the ground rules were set before she went on – as I am sure they were.
The funny thing is, I was just reading on the Daily News archives that Ms. Prejean’s parents had a particularly “nasty” divorce. Says the News:

“The papers, dug up by, show that Prejean’s parents flung a series of homosexual allegations against one another.In one of the documents, Prejean’s father describes a confrontation he had with her mother in 1996, in which “Ms. Prejean accused me, in front of our daughter, of homosexuality.”Another excerpt quotes a court-appointed doctor who said “The mother questioned [within hearing of the girls] whether [her father] was a homosexual or had a homosexual roommate.”

 So, Ms. Prejean’s parents are alleged homophobes and they got divorced. Carrie is certainly not responsible for the views of her parents, or their divorce; only her own. And she if she is personally against gay marriage or divorce, she should be able to voice that opinion without everybody getting bent out of shape like that. Conversely, a gay person should be free to voice their opinions on this issue as well. This is America!
Prejean’s stance against gay marriage is certainly unpopular in our times, and she was either brave or crazy to voice them. But they are her views and she should be free to express them in this country without the level of vitriol she has experienced as a result. The way I see it, we as Americans must never disregard free speech in this manner. It is way too dangerous when only one view point is allowed to get out. Dialogue is good. Disagreement is good. It is the path to finding truth. The only path.
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