NEW YORK: The Benmosche/AIG marriage remains strong for now; no divorce imminent

Say what you want about Robert Benmosche, he takes his “commitment” very seriously. There will be no divorce for this guy any time soon.
Sure, he threatens to throw in the towel from time to time. But mostly that is just bluff. He is committed to his marriage and he’s staying put. But more than that, he understands this concept of “forsaking all others till death do us part” like no other. He stands up and defends his institution. He puts her above all others. He takes her side. He doesn’t talk trash about her, or acts wishy washy where she is concerned so that nobody can tell whose side he is on. As far as spouses go, for better or for worse, it looks like AIG could have gotten a much worse husband than Benmosche. He takes his commitment very seriously, demands respect for his mate, fights for his marriage, his institution. 
Sure, some may dismiss him as a gigolo who gets $10 million a year to make nice and act as if. But I say Benmosche is a keeper! At least, he is if you are listening to Evan Newmark over at the Wall Street Journal, and author of

Mean Street: AIG’s Robert Benmosche, a Taxpayer’s Hero