NYT: Don't get sick if you want to hang on to your husband!

DIVORCE & CANCER The New York Times did a report a few days ago about how sickness tends to send husbands fleeing.husbands and wives I was taken aback to learn that statistics show that in sickness, women stick by their mates, but men tend to ask for a divorce at alarming rates. What does this even mean? I don’t want to analyze it. I leave it for you to analyze but it does very little in strengthening my faith in men to learn this. It almost confirms some suspicions I have. I had to keep myself from saying, “ew.” ¬†Of course, I wouldn’t want to come off as if I am man-bashing. So I won’t say anything more on it. I will leave it to you to figure out and analyze. Why is it that so many men run for the hills and get a divorce when their wives are diagnosed with a serious illness, but conversely, so many wives stay with their husbands when he is diagnosed?
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